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Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. It is one person commiting their life, future, and love to another. It is the begining of a life together. You have found your soul mate. You are now a part of a team, you don't have to face life alone. So it is apparent why you want to celebrate your love and devotion to one another with everyone in  you life.. But there is something else that is important too!  How you look. WEDDING DAY MAKEUP is so important....
 The look you want should be determined early on. Rather you are doing the makeup yourself or acquiring the help of a professional artist ,make sure you have a makeup trial or lots of practice. Makeup can be simple or elaborate. It is all a matter of your taste. Your makeup should be an enhanced version of  yourself on your wedding day. 


Rather you want a dewy, sweet, glowing face or a dramatic ,intense evening look , if you are  opting to do your own wedding day makeup PRACTICE!  Practice makes perfect. You will have an influx of emotions on the big day. You will not want nervous hands to reveal an awkward , or hideous face. You should be on auto pilot when it comes to the  look you will showcase on your wedding day .


If you are using a professional makeup artist make sure to take a photo of the finished product .if you love the look, you want to ensure your face will be i mirrored image on the big day. You and the makeup artist will find this helpful when it is time to reveal you and all your glory. Your makeup artist has many clients and faces. So please do not take it personal if the artist cannot remember exactly how you looked during the trial.  Be sure to keep a copy of the picture, colors, and makeup used for your own records as well. This will help the actual wedding day to run smoother and ensure you have the look you want.
   Makeup photos provided by Event planning and design provided by Ashley Ann's Events. 
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