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The Art of the Napkin


I know this blog may be a little silly. Who really thinks or cares about a napkin?  I DO!  I love napkins. They are so much more than just a cloth to wipe your hands on. Napkins are Reeemarkable. You can fold them into different shapes and styles.


                                                     These bistro styled napkins are a perfect example of versatility. When a guest comes into a room they view the room in it's entirety as one  picture.As each guest takes their seat they are greeted by their napkin. The type of fold and color add so much to your space. Napkins can be used to help create an atmosphere , band competing colors, or add a punch of color to your room.

Napkins create texture, add glamour, sparkle, festivness, and fun elements to your event or wedding. Napkins are the element that pulls your entire table together,and sometimes they can even bridge elements of decor in a room together.


So don't think you have to stick with plain white napkin. You can jazz them up with rings, flowers, bands, photos, menu cards, etc.. Napkins now come in a multitude of colors, textures, and prints. So have a little fun. Don't limit your napkins!
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