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Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day

You’ve picked out the perfect dress, all your accessories and you have this vision of what your hair and makeup will look like. You want to look absolutely perfect but not having the right undergarments can quickly change your look of perfection to a hot mess.

Here are some tips on getting the right pieces to make your dress flawless.


~ If you’re wearing an ultra-deep V-neckline, a bra that has a special cutout in the front will accommodate the low neckline.  Most likely this will be as a bodysuit which will give you the added support on the sides and will keep everything in place.


~ Your dress has a classic strapless neckline but those strapless bras almost always slip which can be quite troublesome on your wedding day. Look into getting a bra with grips on the inside or a longline bra.  This is a bra that's attached to a corset-like bodice, which gives it more support against slippage since it wraps around your waist.


~ You will need shapewear that can smooth and pull in the problem area of your lower stomach if you are wearing a dress that cuts close to the body and clings to the tummy area. . One with boy shorts or a thong will give a seamless finish.


~ Ban the dreaded bulge if your dress fits snugly up top. Get an undergarment that will smooth out your back but is also lightweight and flexible. One with convertible straps would be the best so whether your gown is strapless, one-shoulder, crisscross or halter, it will work well.


~ If your dress is extremely formfitting around the hips and thighs, target the problem area with shapewear that falls just above the knees.  The key is finding a pair that’s tight enough to firm and give you a smooth finish but not give you a muffin top.


~ If you’re showing off your curves, find a pair of special shorts that give your behind an extra boost. Padding that looks and feels natural will do just the trick.


~ Sporting a dress with a sexy, open back, find a bra with adhesive cups. Silicone cups will give you the most natural feel and the nude color will make it nearly invisible.


Whatever gown and undergarments you choose, you will look stunning! 



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