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Gooch's Rustic Wedding

I had the pleasure of working with this amazing couple, Whitley and Jarred Gooch. Their union was casual, rustic, elegant and especially filled with love. 
While awaiting the wedding ceremony, the bridal party lounged in their lovely bridal party robes.
The bridal party also took part in a photo session and decided to hang out at the creek. The natural scenery within this shot is amazing. The ladies wore short mint colored dresses but were able to choose various type of dresses to be unique. The pastel color mint gives this photo the hint of color that this shot needs. Pastels are currently the trending color scheme for weddings. 
At the reception, votives, roses, carnations and baby's-breath were intricately placed, giving a rustic feel.
The bride and her mother partook in a dance. Moments such as the mother-daughter dance gives a sense of closeness and serenity. Although the bride has started a new chapter of her life, she will always be her mother's little girl.
The traditional mother-son dance was performed and the moment was definitely filled with joy and endearment. The moment was also bittersweet as the mother watched the young man she nourished become a husband.  
The couple are overjoyed with their union. The symbolism of the cake cutting and the pour of the drink in this picture shows the first tasks performed jointly as husband and wife.
After an amazing day, full of endless memories, the couple was sent away by their guests by the blowing of bubbles. 

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