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50 & Fab!!!

50 & Fab is a celebration for reaching an important milestone in life...becoming 50 & fabulous!!! You have experienced half a century of accomplishments, endless memories, meeting some pretty special people and everything in between. 

Other milestone birthdays which are often celebrated are ages: 13,16,21,30,50,70,100. And lastly, another big celebratory event is an individual's golden birthday. 

These celebrations are often specific to the honoree, but majority will have finger foods, gathering of friends, band and dj, dancing, fab decor, ice sculptures (depending on the age of the honoree) and much much more. 



Blue Color Trend

Blue is one of the most popular color trends for 2015 weddings.

This color scheme is very appealing and gives a sense of serenity to a venue and or event. The possibilities to be choosing from the color's shading are endless. Icy, wintry blues, cobalt, teal, robin's egg blue and navy just to name a few.

Some brides choose to venture away from the traditional white wedding gowns and substitute with blue hues instead. Others  focus on the various shading and incorporate them into the bridesmaids' dresses, decor and even the smallest details related to the event.


The following are samples of wedding ideas relating to the color trend and its combinations.

Convertible Dresses (Infinity Dresses)

Convertible dresses, also known as infinity dresses, are the hottest thing of the season! 

Although bridesmaids are part of the wedding party, bridesmaids are able to be unique by styling the dresses in an infinite amount of ways. This is beneficial when dealing with women of all shapes and sizes.

Convertible dresses come in an array of colors that can be intertwined in the color scheme desired for your perfect ceremony. 

Gold and Cream Dream.


This is one of the most fantastic Weddings we have gotten to do in a long time. The Bride and Groom are young, 


fun, stylish, and mind blowing. They wanted a mind numbing event to knock their guest off their feet and thats what we gave them. 

This is a small video clip to show the highlights of the day. The couple was drapped in head to toe in cream and gold, with matching Louis Vuitton shos. The day was accented with several shades of romantic red, wine, and black roses.  Chandeliers overflowed and an ambieance of colored lighing showered the room. 



Cream lounge furniture, gold chairs, custom crushed linen, and romantic first dance were a few of the other details, and fabolous entertainment. . To keep up with our events or hire us for your wedding, gala, birthday, fundraiser, or whatever you are having  follow me on my

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Photography by : Samantha Markey. You can visit her site:

and her Facebook:


Here is a before and after photo



The Captivating Mr. And Mrs. Summitt








Jenny-Rae and Shawn are two of the kindest, sweetest, lovliest, souls I have encountered in a long time. Not only was it a joy working with the couple, but it was a blissful expierence working with their parents. The couple enjoy outdoors in every ascpect. The bride also enjoyed the unexpected, fun, whimsical, and brightness. There love of one another and life is undeniable. So it only seemed fitting that they would get married in the great outdoors, but with a little of their fun and youthful style incorporated.

The couple was extremely grateful to have their friends and family be a party of the wedding .They want to make this a completely enjoyable experience for the two of them. They choose a venue secluded in the woods. They were considerate enough to shuttle their guest to the venue by private trolley!!! This allowed everyone to party as much as they wanted without having to worry about the drive back into the city.



The ceremony and reception were both whimsical,charming, and bright. They embraced the outdoors and the couples atmosphers. The guest danced the evening away, dined on a whole hog, gourmet sides,  homemade mini pies ( courtsey of the groom's mom ) , full candy bar and cupcakes. There were plenty of drinks to keep the party going and make everyone feel comfortable in the outdoor setting.



The brides bouquet was tied with her mother's wedding ring and locket in memory of her. We know that her mother was smiling down on us and played a major part in the perfect weather that occurred that day. These beautiful photos were taken by Uche @ Sky TouchEPhotos. You can visit their website: Of course if you need wedding design and planning services you can visit our website:





Until next time,

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