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Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day

You’ve picked out the perfect dress, all your accessories and you have this vision of what your hair and makeup will look like. You want to look absolutely perfect but not having the right undergarments can quickly change your look of perfection to a hot mess.

Here are some tips on getting the right pieces to make your dress flawless.


~ If you’re wearing an ultra-deep V-neckline, a bra that has a special cutout in the front will accommodate the low neckline.  Most likely this will be as a bodysuit which will give you the added support on the sides and will keep everything in place.


~ Your dress has a classic strapless neckline but those strapless bras almost always slip which can be quite troublesome on your wedding day. Look into getting a bra with grips on the inside or a longline bra.  This is a bra that's attached to a corset-like bodice, which gives it more support against slippage since it wraps around your waist.


~ You will need shapewear that can smooth and pull in the problem area of your lower stomach if you are wearing a dress that cuts close to the body and clings to the tummy area. . One with boy shorts or a thong will give a seamless finish.


~ Ban the dreaded bulge if your dress fits snugly up top. Get an undergarment that will smooth out your back but is also lightweight and flexible. One with convertible straps would be the best so whether your gown is strapless, one-shoulder, crisscross or halter, it will work well.


~ If your dress is extremely formfitting around the hips and thighs, target the problem area with shapewear that falls just above the knees.  The key is finding a pair that’s tight enough to firm and give you a smooth finish but not give you a muffin top.


~ If you’re showing off your curves, find a pair of special shorts that give your behind an extra boost. Padding that looks and feels natural will do just the trick.


~ Sporting a dress with a sexy, open back, find a bra with adhesive cups. Silicone cups will give you the most natural feel and the nude color will make it nearly invisible.


Whatever gown and undergarments you choose, you will look stunning! 



Holiday Party Tips

Whether you are throwing a holiday party or attending one...or several, don’t let anything ruin the merriment. Here are a few tips for stress-free festivities.


Host/Hostess Tips ~

* Determine the type of party you want to have such as a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party. If doing a dinner, buffets are easier so that your guests can help themselves.

* Make your guest list and send out invitations. Set the date and time and create your guest list. Make sure to decide ahead of time whether children are invited. Then get the word out.

* Decide on the food you will serve. Stock up on nibbles such as crackers, nuts, olives, etc. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time.

* Set up a Self Serve Bar. If you have the space to set it up in a separate room, that will be your best option but if not, a location away from the food would also work.

* Make a list and schedule of the things that need to be done and when. Make sure to leave at least an hour before the party for last minute emergencies  as well as time to get ready and relax before guests arrive.

* Decide on the decorations you’ll be using. Remember to think small in order to leave enough room for the food. Unexpected pieces such as a punchbowl filled with Christmas ornaments can be a nice touch.

* For a pretty and easy food presentation, use oven-to-table serving ware to keep food warm. If you don’t have those type of dishes, put labels on the serving ware you will be using so you will know what dishes will be going where once you pull them out of the oven.

* ENJOY! The key is to do as much as possible ahead of time so that you can enjoy the party and company of your guests.


Attending A Party ~

* Ask your host if you can bring anything. They most likely will decline but if they do accept, ask what they would suggest, need and what other guests have agreed to bring so as to prevent duplicates.

* Make sure to wear appropriate attire. If you are unable to get the information from the host, the standard advice is it is always safer to dress on the nicer side. Women can use accessories to dress up or down an outfit while men can wear a button down shirt with khakis or chino pants.

* Be clear on important details. Make sure that children are invited to attend before arriving at the party. Also, get directions ahead of time, especially if it is in a new location.

* Bring a gift to your host. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, just something to show your appreciation. If you’re going to several parties, buy a few traditional gifts, tie a pretty ribbon on them, and keep them in your car so you’ll be prepared.

* Be on your best behavior. Keep cool and pleasant. Be aware of your surroundings (i.e. foul language around children), keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and try to have conversations with new people.

* Be helpful. Offer to help especially if you arrive early, clean up, take out trash, etc. Also be mindful of messes you personally make. Your host will be appreciative for any help offered.


The holidays shouldn’t be a stressful time for anyone. Take time to enjoy your friends and family. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Determining Your Wedding Budget


You’ve just gotten engaged and can’t wait to start planning your dream wedding.  But weddings are expensive and costs can quickly diminish the excitement. Before hiring a wedding planner (hint, hint), take a deep breathe and sit down with your fiancé and parents. Although it can sometimes be a tough conversation to have, you should discuss who will be contributing  financially.  In some cases, the parents will contribute a set amount and leave the bride and groom to cover the remaining cost or the couple will cover all costs. Know where you stand financially and begin determining your budget and guest count. This will help with many decisions to follow such as venue, food, flowers, and much more. By doing this important step first, you will keep from making hasty, poor decisions that you will later wish you could change and hopefully keep from watching all your dreams of peonies and linens  disappear.


Your budget should cover more than just the reception. Invitations, attire, fees, photography, décor, etc. are included in this budget as well. The highest cost items are generally food, beverages, equipment rentals. Being realistic and controlled in these areas will have the most impact.


Once you’ve set your budget, it is extremely important to stay within its limits. Here are a few helpful tips:

¨ Make sure to be straightforward with your wedding consultant and vendors about the amount of money you’ve budgeted.

¨ Ask for detailed and itemized estimates in order to evaluate the costs accurately.

¨ If an estimate looks unusually high, ask if they can suggest ways to reduce the estimate. Every budget has room for reductions if needed.

¨ Insist on written contracts with all the commitments and costs listed once you have selected a vendor.  The contract should cover all aspects of service that is expected and agreed upon.

¨ Read the fine print and ask any questions you may have to avoid confusion.

¨ Track all of your estimates and running total of budgeted items as they come in. Not only will you keep track of all your spending but will keep from things being overlooked in the planning process.

¨ Another great idea is to build a contingency fund. This should be about 10%-15% of your budget since there are most always unexpected costs.


Just remember, in the end its not about the money you did or didn’t spend...its about the special memories that you’ll make with your family and friends as you step into the new chapter of your lives as husband and wife.



Gooch's Rustic Wedding

I had the pleasure of working with this amazing couple, Whitley and Jarred Gooch. Their union was casual, rustic, elegant and especially filled with love. 
While awaiting the wedding ceremony, the bridal party lounged in their lovely bridal party robes.
The bridal party also took part in a photo session and decided to hang out at the creek. The natural scenery within this shot is amazing. The ladies wore short mint colored dresses but were able to choose various type of dresses to be unique. The pastel color mint gives this photo the hint of color that this shot needs. Pastels are currently the trending color scheme for weddings. 
At the reception, votives, roses, carnations and baby's-breath were intricately placed, giving a rustic feel.
The bride and her mother partook in a dance. Moments such as the mother-daughter dance gives a sense of closeness and serenity. Although the bride has started a new chapter of her life, she will always be her mother's little girl.
The traditional mother-son dance was performed and the moment was definitely filled with joy and endearment. The moment was also bittersweet as the mother watched the young man she nourished become a husband.  
The couple are overjoyed with their union. The symbolism of the cake cutting and the pour of the drink in this picture shows the first tasks performed jointly as husband and wife.
After an amazing day, full of endless memories, the couple was sent away by their guests by the blowing of bubbles. 

Metallic Wedding Cake Trend

If you are into the golds, silvers, bronzes and coppers feast your eyes on this! The trend for the summer is metallic wedding cakes.


This trend shows elegance, creativity, sophistication, delicacy and timelessness.


The luxurious luster of these colors can be bold, as if Midas touched the golds himself, or subtle as to add mere shimmers of glam to the work of art.


The glitz and glam of metallics help to bring out other colors that are incorporated within the cake. Metallics can be developed into any style. Bold patterns, chevrons, iridescent stripes, simple embellishments are all what make these wedding cakes unique.


What a perfect way to add a touch of class to an already perfect event!


50 & Fab!!!

50 & Fab is a celebration for reaching an important milestone in life...becoming 50 & fabulous!!! You have experienced half a century of accomplishments, endless memories, meeting some pretty special people and everything in between. 

Other milestone birthdays which are often celebrated are ages: 13,16,21,30,50,70,100. And lastly, another big celebratory event is an individual's golden birthday. 

These celebrations are often specific to the honoree, but majority will have finger foods, gathering of friends, band and dj, dancing, fab decor, ice sculptures (depending on the age of the honoree) and much much more. 



Blue Color Trend

Blue is one of the most popular color trends for 2015 weddings.

This color scheme is very appealing and gives a sense of serenity to a venue and or event. The possibilities to be choosing from the color's shading are endless. Icy, wintry blues, cobalt, teal, robin's egg blue and navy just to name a few.

Some brides choose to venture away from the traditional white wedding gowns and substitute with blue hues instead. Others  focus on the various shading and incorporate them into the bridesmaids' dresses, decor and even the smallest details related to the event.


The following are samples of wedding ideas relating to the color trend and its combinations.

Convertible Dresses (Infinity Dresses)

Convertible dresses, also known as infinity dresses, are the hottest thing of the season! 

Although bridesmaids are part of the wedding party, bridesmaids are able to be unique by styling the dresses in an infinite amount of ways. This is beneficial when dealing with women of all shapes and sizes.

Convertible dresses come in an array of colors that can be intertwined in the color scheme desired for your perfect ceremony. 

Gold and Cream Dream.


This is one of the most fantastic Weddings we have gotten to do in a long time. The Bride and Groom are young, 


fun, stylish, and mind blowing. They wanted a mind numbing event to knock their guest off their feet and thats what we gave them. 

This is a small video clip to show the highlights of the day. The couple was drapped in head to toe in cream and gold, with matching Louis Vuitton shos. The day was accented with several shades of romantic red, wine, and black roses.  Chandeliers overflowed and an ambieance of colored lighing showered the room. 



Cream lounge furniture, gold chairs, custom crushed linen, and romantic first dance were a few of the other details, and fabolous entertainment. . To keep up with our events or hire us for your wedding, gala, birthday, fundraiser, or whatever you are having  follow me on my

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Photography by : Samantha Markey. You can visit her site:

and her Facebook:


Here is a before and after photo



The Captivating Mr. And Mrs. Summitt








Jenny-Rae and Shawn are two of the kindest, sweetest, lovliest, souls I have encountered in a long time. Not only was it a joy working with the couple, but it was a blissful expierence working with their parents. The couple enjoy outdoors in every ascpect. The bride also enjoyed the unexpected, fun, whimsical, and brightness. There love of one another and life is undeniable. So it only seemed fitting that they would get married in the great outdoors, but with a little of their fun and youthful style incorporated.

The couple was extremely grateful to have their friends and family be a party of the wedding .They want to make this a completely enjoyable experience for the two of them. They choose a venue secluded in the woods. They were considerate enough to shuttle their guest to the venue by private trolley!!! This allowed everyone to party as much as they wanted without having to worry about the drive back into the city.



The ceremony and reception were both whimsical,charming, and bright. They embraced the outdoors and the couples atmosphers. The guest danced the evening away, dined on a whole hog, gourmet sides,  homemade mini pies ( courtsey of the groom's mom ) , full candy bar and cupcakes. There were plenty of drinks to keep the party going and make everyone feel comfortable in the outdoor setting.



The brides bouquet was tied with her mother's wedding ring and locket in memory of her. We know that her mother was smiling down on us and played a major part in the perfect weather that occurred that day. These beautiful photos were taken by Uche @ Sky TouchEPhotos. You can visit their website: Of course if you need wedding design and planning services you can visit our website:





Until next time,

Ashley J-Henderson

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Angie and Charles



Charles and Angela are a beautiful couple. They are two of the nicest people I have ever encountered. My favorite thing about the couple is how they both love loving one another. Charles makes sure he takes care of Angela and Angela makes sure she takes care of Charles. It was very sweet that they both wanted to have a surprise for one another on their wedding day. 


It was refreshing that in coversations concerning planning, decor, budget, music, and all other aspects concerning their special day that they always came to a happy medium. I am very excited to share with you a small snippit of their special day!! I am so blessed and honored that Angela and Charles decided to let me be apart of one of the biggest moments of their lives. 







Ashley J-Henderson

Owner/lead designer
Ashley Ann's Event Planning Service
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Facebook: Ashley Ann's Event Planning Service
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Do you need a Venue?

Everyone is always saying there are tons of venues other than hotels to host  your event, but no one seems to know where all these great spaces are . I am going to tell you about my favorite Venue right now! It is the Bernice Garden. It is the perfect place for your Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Reception, Graduation, Fundraiser, or any other Event or Party you may be having.

Ther Bernice Garden host unique foliage and flowers, beautiful art work, built in seating, parking, and easy access from the interstate. It is right off of 630. Your guest will have no proublem finding this treasure.



One of my favorite things about the Bernice Garden is the covered patio. This is a huge bonus. Many outdoor venues don't have any type of  covrage. This works out perfect if it rains. You can also mount tents in the graveled area. This could allow you to create a more intimate and exotic feel. The garden also has lighting in the evening. This creates the perfect atmosphere to party into the evening or host an evening dinner party with close friends and family.

One of the most important and least thought of facilities the garden host are restrooms! This makes the Bernice Garden one of the foremost properties to host your event. It is perfect for dancing, dinner, and cocktail type events. The garden is very easily molded into your vision.

The Bernice Garden is located at:  Daisy Bates and Main St. / Little Rock, AR 72202, in the trendy South Main Neighborhood.

You can provide a seated dinner setup for 150 with room for dancing, entertainment, bars, and buffett. You can host 200-220 for a cocktail reception with entertainment and food stationsIf you are having a smaller event simply move everone under the covered patio and your event will still feel full and intimate. The rental rate is extremly affordable.It is only $50.00/ hour !!!  There is a cleaning deposit that is retained, but as long as the garden is retunred to a presentable state it will be returned to you. This is really a steal.


I am a lover of the Bernice Garden. It is a perfect location for any event you are having. If you need help creating your vision or a design plan for the garden you can always call Ashley Ann's @ 501-588-1795. We will be more than happy to turn the space into something special to suite your needs and desires.

For more information about the Bernice Garden visit their website @: . You can also give them a call @: 501-617-2511.

Photography by: Tracy Jones


Until Next Time,

Ashely J-Henderson

Owner/Lead Designer


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Candy Bar CRAZY

Candy buffets are fun and inventive. They are great for showers, luncheons, birthdays, weddings, and even dinner parties!  You may be thinking candy buffets are dated or overdone, but they are not if you make your bar unique!  Why not take it to the next level, add cupcakes, topiary, sodas, pretzels, etc...  Take the bar a step futher and stick to one type of candy, peronsalized or monogramed candy or colored theme candy.   Be sure to get your containers and scoops or spoons for your candy buffet. Check out the photos below for inspiration!  Call Ashley Ann's for your next event: 501-588-1975--Visit our website @






Ashley J-Henderson
Owner/lead designer
Ashley Ann's Event Planning Service
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Facebook: Ashley Ann's Event Planning Service
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Planning and Design for Any Bride Nationwide---focus in Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia

The Art of the Napkin


I know this blog may be a little silly. Who really thinks or cares about a napkin?  I DO!  I love napkins. They are so much more than just a cloth to wipe your hands on. Napkins are Reeemarkable. You can fold them into different shapes and styles.


                                                     These bistro styled napkins are a perfect example of versatility. When a guest comes into a room they view the room in it's entirety as one  picture.As each guest takes their seat they are greeted by their napkin. The type of fold and color add so much to your space. Napkins can be used to help create an atmosphere , band competing colors, or add a punch of color to your room.

Napkins create texture, add glamour, sparkle, festivness, and fun elements to your event or wedding. Napkins are the element that pulls your entire table together,and sometimes they can even bridge elements of decor in a room together.


So don't think you have to stick with plain white napkin. You can jazz them up with rings, flowers, bands, photos, menu cards, etc.. Napkins now come in a multitude of colors, textures, and prints. So have a little fun. Don't limit your napkins!
Ashley J-Henderson
Owner/lead designer
Ashley Ann's Event Planning Service
Twitter; @ AshleyAnnsEvent
Facebook: Ashley Ann's Event Planning Service
Pintrest: AshleyAnnsEvent


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Planning and Design for Any Bride Nationwide---focus in Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia



Wedding Day Makeup

Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. It is one person commiting their life, future, and love to another. It is the begining of a life together. You have found your soul mate. You are now a part of a team, you don't have to face life alone. So it is apparent why you want to celebrate your love and devotion to one another with everyone in  you life.. But there is something else that is important too!  How you look. WEDDING DAY MAKEUP is so important....
 The look you want should be determined early on. Rather you are doing the makeup yourself or acquiring the help of a professional artist ,make sure you have a makeup trial or lots of practice. Makeup can be simple or elaborate. It is all a matter of your taste. Your makeup should be an enhanced version of  yourself on your wedding day. 


Rather you want a dewy, sweet, glowing face or a dramatic ,intense evening look , if you are  opting to do your own wedding day makeup PRACTICE!  Practice makes perfect. You will have an influx of emotions on the big day. You will not want nervous hands to reveal an awkward , or hideous face. You should be on auto pilot when it comes to the  look you will showcase on your wedding day .


If you are using a professional makeup artist make sure to take a photo of the finished product .if you love the look, you want to ensure your face will be i mirrored image on the big day. You and the makeup artist will find this helpful when it is time to reveal you and all your glory. Your makeup artist has many clients and faces. So please do not take it personal if the artist cannot remember exactly how you looked during the trial.  Be sure to keep a copy of the picture, colors, and makeup used for your own records as well. This will help the actual wedding day to run smoother and ensure you have the look you want.
   Makeup photos provided by Event planning and design provided by Ashley Ann's Events. 
Hope this was Helpful,
"Event's so Remarkable They Elicit Disbelief"
We Plan and Design for Any Bride Nationwide--Focus in: Arkansas, Tennessee Texas, & Georgia



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